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Sustainability of our hotels

Duurzaamheid is een belangrijk thema binnen Centre Hotels. Om deze reden besteden wij veel aandacht aan maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen (MVO).


One of our goals was to achieve Green Key. The international standard for sustainability, environmental and corporate social responsibility in the tourism and leisure industry. The quality mark is awarded for one year and audited each year (with appropriate standards).

The hotels in the Centre Hotels group are awarded gold certification from 2015, thus recognized as a property with a visible policy for increased sustainability of our hotels. Both in the internal operation and in the choice of suppliers, we keep a close eye on our social responsibility.

Sustainable measures Centre Hotels

The following measures we have taken in our hotels:

  • Water saving taps and showers
  • Shampoos and soaps with an eco-label
  • Fire extinguishers with an eco-label
  • Minimizing plastic items
  • Using sustainable cleaning products
  • Durable stationery, napkins and brochures
  • Purchase as many organic and fair trade Food- & Beverage Products
  • Utilizing a sustainable procurement policy and continuously seek to improve our own procurement process and strive as much as possible to buy materials and services with an environmental and / or social label.
  • Minimize paper consumption
  • Reducing power consumption by using as many LED lamps and lighting sensors as possible
  • Switched to green power
  • Switched into green gas
  • Sustainability Declarations signed with suppliers
  • Established a "green team" which ensures compliance with the rules
  • Training employees with regards to our sustainability policy
  • Inform guests about public transport and environmentally friendly taxis
  • Monitoring environmental performance of the company
  • All our hotels starting from the end of 2015 hold the Green Key label. For more information visit the Green Key website.